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A highly effective eyelash growth serum that thickens, lengthens and darkens lashes in just 4-6 weeks.


4 Milliliters
  • Information

    AMALIAN Lashes is a unique, highly effective and water-soluble gel based on hyaluronic acid that revitalises and stimulates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. 

    Key Features:

    • Extremely well tolerated; clinically tested and non-allergenic
    • No discolouration of iris or skin
    • Non-irritant, no burning or redness
    • Does not contain alcohol
    • Nourishes the lashes and stimulates their growth
    • Highly effective: visible results after 4-6 weeks

    Why AMALIAN Lashes:

    An innovative formula based on a biocompatible polysaccharide complex in hyaluronic acid gel (patent pending).


    The water soluble complex of the active agent and the polysaccharide is dissolved in the hyaluronic acid gel and slowly releases the active agent.

    The active ingredient is a prostaglandin-derivative from the PGF-2-alpha family.

    The high biocompatibility ensures no burning or discolouration of the iris and skin, which can sometimes be observed in other similar products.

    While the concentration of the active ingredient in amalian Lashes is very low and the formulation is alcohol and preservative free, which makes it exceptionally well tolerated.

    How to use:

    AMALIAN Lashes is applied with an eyeliner brush to the root of your eyelashes once a day, preferably in the evening.
    With daily application of AMALIAN Lashes, you will see a real and natural enhancement of your eyelashes in just a few weeks’ time. Can also be used on eyebrows.


    Buffer solution (aqua, sodium chloride, potassium phosphate, disodium phosphate), sodium hyaluronate, phenoxyethanol, water soluble prostaglandin derivative.

    Quantity: 4ml


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